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Northerns Squash |     Technologies used

Northens Squash Association provides all squash needs for Juniors, Seniors and Masters.
Bateleur 911 |     Technologies used

Bateleur strives to support the community, statutory security forces, emergency services and private security initiatives, such as farm and neighbourhood protection groups, so as to address trauma countrywide efficiently and appropriately. Bateleur considers the continuous upgrade of it's contact number database and information technology systems a high priority.
Armadillo: Detention systems |     Technologies used

Armatech strives to design and offer innovative security products and services that will exceed the expectations of our clients. We will focus on physical security products (hardware), keeping in mind that these products could be integrated into a system.
Institute for Sport research |     Technologies used

The Institute for Sport Research's mission is to conduct the following activities with respect to the natural science components of Human Movement Science, viz. biokinetics, exercise science and sport science: Research, Community service, Academic training.
Netalysis |     Technologies used

netalysis is a registered privately owned company and is located in Pretoria, South Africa. The skilled team comprises of qualified electrical, platform and application engineers. The experience extends from 20 years of telecommunications, non-voice networking to the latest IP technologies and management applications. Best of breed standardised applications and methodologies are utilised to ensure constant return on investment and ongoing support.
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Design Studio:

We work closely with our clients to achieve their goals and we strongly implement the Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC) methodology, which is the overall process of developing information systems through a multistep process from investigation of initial requirements through analysis, design, implementation and maintenance.
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